New construction has accounted for 15-20% of the sales so far this year in Orange County. Many buyers are choosing to purchase a new home instead of a re-sale home for numerous reasons. When purchasing a new home buyers get to decide how they want to design the home with upgrades and custom features. When purchasing a new home buyers don't need to worry about termite damage, home inspections, possible repairs, deferred maintenance, and negotiating prices and terms. Most builders also offer warranties for up to 10 years in case anything breaks is needs repair. Not to mention you get to move into a brand new home that's never been lived in.

But did you know that you can have a realtor represent you with the home purchase even though you're purchasing the home directly from the builder? By not having an agent represent you with your purchase, you're making a huge mistake. A buyer's agent is free to any would be buyers and can help guild you through out the purchase. Having a buyers agent is great for double checking all the contracts and reviewing all the documents for accuracy. Most buyers agents also offer a credit against their possible commission to the buyer for working with them. So not only is having a buyers agent free, but it could also save you money on your new home purchase! Agent's are allowed to credit some of their commission to buyer's fees and closing costs during escrow. So that could be a potential savings of thousands of dollars for buyers.

If you would like a buyers agent to help you purchase at a new builder community there are some things you should know. First, don't sign up with the builders online or in person prior to speaking with a buyer's agent. If you already sign up with the builder then that precludes the buyers agent from being eligible for a commission. Which means no rebate for you, the buyer. Every builder has different rules for buyers agents so it's best to contact the agent before previewing any home models or signing up with any new builder newsletters. Contact us today if you're interested in a new development or builder community 949-412-3515 Scott Bingham Realtor.