The Oak Knoll Village is the northern most area of Ladera Ranch. This area of Ladera Ranch is home to the neighborhoods of Amberly Lane, Fairfield, Maplewood, Prescott, Sarasota, Shady Lane, Sycamore Grove, Trails, Whispering Creek, and Wyeth. The two neighborhoods with the larger homes in this area are Wyeth and Amberly Lane. These two communities have some of the largest homes that can be found outside the gated community of Covenant Hills. This area's amenities include the 'Victory Gardens' park and the Oak Knoll clubhouse located at 28192 O'Neill Drive. The club house is where the local pool and spa is located in easy walking distance for many of the residents. Other attractions nearby include the Cox Sports Park, the Bridgepark shopping plaza, and the Mercantile West shopping center. The Oak Knoll Village is the only area that's located to the north of Crown Valley Parkway.