Many perspective home buyers that want a newer constructed home in Orange County are finding these areas have Mello Roos taxes. So what are Mello Roos taxes? Mello-Roos is a special tax assessed to homeowners in a new community as repayment for bonds used to fund the infrastructure within their community. That infrastructure includes Parks, Greenbelts, Schools, Recreation Centers, as-well-as basic infrastructure like sewers and gas lines. Mello Roos areas are all newer communities and subdivisions built between 1990 and the present. The length of the Mello-Roos tax bonds vary from subdivision to subdivision. Fifteen to thirty years from the original build date is about average for Orange County. Mello Roos is not calculated as a percentage for tax purposes like the California property tax (which is 1% of the purchase price). Mello Roos taxes are based off of the homes square footage and the lots square footage. So the larger the home and lot, the more in Mello Roos taxes that are levied. To see how much the Mello Roos taxes are for any given property you can go on the Orange County Tax Assessor website.