Economy News
It’s been an interesting month. Not one, but TWO companies reached an unprecedented milestone of having a $1 Trillion market cap (Apple and Amazon). As stocks and the economy in general continue to break all-time records again and again, the Feds (FOMC) continues to stand behind their projections for implementing four interest rate hikes for the calendar year of 2018. With 2 of those hikes in the past, we are expecting to see hike #3 soon. Before panicking, take a look at the Fed Funds Rate over the last 60 years. You’ll see we’ve been spoiled since the crash in 2008.

Housing News 
Finally, a shift! It’s been a tough couple of years to be a buyer in Orange County due to a crippling shortage of homes available to buy. Whether you blame foreign investors buying up real estate with cash or you blame the economy’s growth outpacing the price of homes, it’s been a tough time for those seeking to get into the market for the first time. Over the past 6 weeks, Orange County has seen a drastic increase in average days on market and number of homes listed. What does this mean? You, the buyer, finally have some leverage during the negotiation stage of buying a home. Congratulations!

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