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Feb. 8, 2018

Ladera Ranch Lender | Home Loan Rates Slightly Increase

The Fed did not raise policy rates at last weeks Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, but we are expecting a likely increase when they meet in March. Consumer spending increased in December, reflecting a strong labor market. Supported by a growing economy, inflation pushes rates (including mortgage rates) higher. Mortgage rates have consistently crept up a little each week through 2018, hitting 4-year highs. Even still, rates are historically low. For 2018 it is likely the Fed will raise policy rates. Consequently, mortgage rates will likely increase slightly this year as well. If you're planning on purchasing a home this year sooner is better than later to lock in a lower rate.

National home prices continued their run higher in November, rising 6.2% annually. Home prices are rising more than three times faster than the rate of inflation. Even with tight inventory, pending home sales were up 0.5% in December over November. The supply of homes for sale is at its lowest level since 1999. in our local market our inventory of homes is at a 5 year low making it a sellers market.

Conforming 30 year fixed 4.750%
Conforming 15 year fixed 3.375%
Jumbo 30 year 4.500%
Jumbo 30 year 5/1 ARM 4.250%
FHA 30 year 4.875% | VA 30 year 4.500% 

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 Ladera Ranch Lender

Jan. 29, 2018

Ladera Ranch New Homes for Sale

Covenant Hills New Homes

Believe it or not, Ladera Ranch still has some brand new builder homes for sale in the community. New home builder Christopher Homes has a neighborhood that's only half sold out at this point. The new homes can be found at the corner of O'Neil Drive and Sienna Parkway. There are 2 models open daily that can be previewed in the community. The two model plans are both 4 bedroom homes are range in size from 2,800 - 2,934 sqft. Pricing for the models right now is around $1,050,000 and there are about 24 homes still available.

There are also new homes being built in the gated community of Covenant Hills. There are both custom homes being built by independent builders and homeowners and tract homes for sale. The builder The New Home Company has also acquired 28 lots in Covenant Hills. The new home community will be named Sky Ranch and will feature single level homes that range in size from 4,000 - 5,000 sqft. The homes will have 4 - 6 bedrooms with 4.5 - 6.5 bedrooms. The builder is hoping to have the home models open in the first quarter of 2018.

If you'd like a realtor to represent you for free with the potential purchase of a new home give us a call 949-412-3515.

Jan. 16, 2018

Ladera Ranch Real Estate Market Update 1/16/18

Ladera Ranch Real Estate

In Ladera Ranch there are only 61 homes for sale right now down from 108 homes two months ago. 54 of the homes for sale are single family residences, 5 are condominiums, and 2 are townhomes. Out of the 61 homes for sale 60 of them are standard sale or equity sales, there is 1 short sale, and 0 bank owned homes. The home inventory has dropped off sharply in the last couple months with hardly anyone willing to sell. Over 85% of the homes for sale in Ladera Ranch are listed for over $700,000 right now. Analysts are predicting home price to continue to rise again this year around 3-6% for Orange County. Increase in home prices are attributed to the low inventory and high buyer demand throughout southern California. Home loan rates remain low with the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage around 4.10 - 4.25%.

The average price of a home for sale in Ladera Ranch is now $1,843,294. The average days a home is on the market in Ladera Ranch has increased from 76 days of inventory to now be 89 days. The home inventory has decreased to around 1.6 months of home supply as the current buying pace. An inventory of 3-4 months of supply is considered the average, so at only 1.6 months of supply we are in a strong sellers market. The average sold price verse the average list price remained relatively the same around 98.5%. If your looking to buy a home right now there isn't a lot of inventory to look at and the competition is substantial. I'd recommend being pre-approved for a home loan before looking at any homes in person.

If you want a free broker price opinion of what your home could sell for or interested in looking at the homes currently for sale give me a call 949-412-3515 Scott Bingham.

Jan. 4, 2018

Ladera Ranch Real Estate 2018 Market Predictions

What are your predictions for the real estate market in Ladera Ranch in 2017?

Once we get into mid January the number of home listings in Ladera Ranch and Orange County will hopefully increase. This past year the inventory of home listings remained low the entire year. Last year ended with a low home inventory and strong buyer demand. This year it looks like we will have a pretty similar market here in Ladera Ranch. Home inventory will remain low with higher buyer demand.

Home prices have continued to increase in 2017 due to the high demand and low inventory. Higher prices are great for home owners or owners that are looking to sell, but higher prices means less potential buyers in Orange County. Some first time home buyers are beginning to get priced out in Orange County. Many forecasters believe home prices will continue to rise this year between 2 - 6%.

Many analysts are expecting home loan rates to rise only slightly in 2018. As rates rise less buyers are able to afford to purchase homes which will in turn make the inventory rise and the market slow down. Currently, home loan rates are around 4.15 - 4.30% for a 30-year fixed loan. 

This year is a great time to sell a home. The inventory of homes remains low and sellers are getting a premium for their properties. If you'd like a free home valuation to see what it could sell for get in contact. If your looking to sell or buy give us a call today to begin your search Scott Bingham, Realtor 949-412-3515.

Dec. 18, 2017

Ladera Ranch Real Estate Website Upgrade

Welcome to the new website which has been updated and improved with many new features. Our old site was 5 years old and due for a re-imagining. Our site can now be easily viewed on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Some new features of the website include the ability to create Market Reports, Check Sold Listings, and get a free property valuation.

If you were a member of the previous site your information has been saved and you should be able to sign into the site with the same username and password. If you had a saved search that will have to be recreated. That's something you can do or if you email me the perimeters I can set that up for you as well. If you have any questions about the new site or anything real estate related please don't hesitate to call or email.

Nov. 1, 2017

5 Mistakes Ladera Ranch Home Sellers Are Making

Selling a home can be a stressful and challenging process, even when your in a sellers market. Home owners must be careful to not make common mistakes when listing they're home for sale. Some basic mistakes can cost sellers both time and money.

1) Setting the Sales Price

This is the most important factor for a successful home sale. Overpricing your home in a hot sellers market will not make your home sell. Instead, you will waste valuable market time. Success takes into consideration price, condition of the home, and location. Every seller wants top dollar for their home but there is a fine line between aggressively pricing a home and over pricing a home. This year I've seen make sellers list the home too high only to have the home sit on the market and then eventually lower the price a few times until it sells. Meanwhile, the home the seller's looked into buying has already opened escrow with another buyer. Some sellers get so focused on the sales price that they lose sight of the big picture.

2) Home Condition & Appearance

If your home doesn't look like a model when you begin having buyer showings you're doing yourself a disservice. Home's that show like a builder model or are professionally staged statistically sell faster and for more money. If you've ever seen a builder model you know what to expect. Everything is very clean, highly upgraded, bright, and touches on all the human senses. So it's not only visually appealing it's also smells nice and feels warm inside. Bottom line is that you can easily imagine yourself living there.

3) Deferred Maintenance and Home Updating

Many sellers have seen the popular TV shows Property Brothers and Flip or Flop which highlights the home renovation process and how to fix homes to sell them. While some home updating and upgrading can make a home more desirable, that doesn't necessarily make the home worth as much money as you might put into it. For example, adding a deck onto the back of a home adds 109% return for the owner. Whereas as with a bathroom renovation you're only looking at a 78% return on your investment. So knowing what you should fix or upgrade to get a good return on your money is crucial. This potential mistake is a case by case basis and your realtor can better advise you on it.

4) Marketing Your Home Incorrectly

There are many ways that both sellers and real estate agents might be marketing the home incorrectly. The common question from sellers of 'why isn't my home selling' can usually be traced back to basic mistakes. All too frequently in a sellers market do I see amateur photography. Sellers and agents think the market is moving so fast they just need to shoot 5 bad photos with their phone camera and presto the home is sold; they're often sorely mistaken. Sellers who are not employing marketing strategies designed to expose their home to the largest pool of buyers are limiting their profit. The National Association of Realtors buyer survey shows that over 95% of buyers look at homes online before contacting an agent or looking at homes in person. So a strong online presence and marketing strategy is crucial when selling a home today.

5) Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the expression 'there's no second chance to make a first impression'? Well that could never be more true than when it comes to selling real estate. One of the biggest first impressions a home can make is it's landscaping and view from the street which is commonly called 'curb appeal'. If a home isn't well kept on the exterior then many buyers assume it won't be well kept inside either. I've had clients pull up to a home in their car and decide they don't want to see the home based off how it looks outside. It's amazing how some basic yard maintenance can spruce up the exterior of the home and emphasize it's sellable characteristics.

If you'd like a free consultation about getting your home ready to sell or have questions. Please give us a call at 949-412-3515 or click on the link below.

Oct. 23, 2017

Rancho Mission Viejo Adding 242 New Homes

The new home development in south Orange County named Rancho Mission Viejo is getting ready to add another 242 homes to the community. The Rancho Mission Viejo development is currently on phase 2 of it's build which its calling the village of Esencia. The 3 new collections of homes are from builders Meritage Homes and Del Webb. The Modena neighborhood from Meritage Homes has 118 paired homes ranging from 1,479 to 1,962 square feet. Priced from the $500,000s. The Vida neighborhood from Del Webb is age restricted 55+ and has 62 one- and two-story homes ranging from 1,279 to 2,006 square feet. They're priced from the $600,000s. The Alma neighborhood is also age restricted 55+ and built by Del Webb and has 62 one- and two-story “active adult” homes ranging from 1,827-to-2,476 square feet. These homes are priced from the $700,000s.

Builders sold 11 percent of the homes purchased in Orange County in this year’s first nine months. That’s the same share as 2016 but off from the recent high of 12 percent in 2014 and the 14 percent average between 1988 and 2007. Orange County needs all the new housing options it can get, so even freshly built high-end chateaus help a bit. But perhaps a more challenging selling environment is nudging builders to seriously think about offering choices lower down on the price spectrum. If you're interested in taking a look at these new homes and want a realtor to guild you along in the purchasing process give us a call 949-412-3515.

Oct. 6, 2017

Ladera Ranch Real Estate Market Update 10/6/17

In Ladera Ranch there are 108 homes for sale right now down from 121 homes two months ago. 80 of the homes for sale are single family residences, 24 are condominiums, and 4 are townhomes. Out of the 108 homes for sale 105 of them are standard sale or equity sales, there are no short sales, and 3 bank owned homes. The home inventory has again decreased in the last couple months which is typical for this time of the year going into fall. Around 75% of the homes for sale in Ladera Ranch are listed for $700,000 and above right now. This year in Ladera Ranch home values have increased around 5-7%. Home loan rates have again decreased slightly in the last month. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage has remained flat around 3.95 - 4.00% which is an incredible rate! If you've been wondering about getting a home loan ReFinance I would highly recommend you see what rates you can be quoted ASAP. You could save hundreds on your monthly mortgage payments.

The average price of a home for sale in Ladera Ranch is now $1,495,527. The average days a home is on the market in Ladera Ranch has increased from 57days of inventory to now be 76 days. The home inventory has decreased to around 2.00 months of home supply as the current buying pace. The inventory has decreased which can be expected during this time of the year when we enter fall. The average sold price verse the average list price remained the same to be around 98.8%. This is the time of year I recommend serious buyers continue to look for a home. There will be less listings on the market, but there will also be less competition with fewer buyers.

If you want a free broker price opinion of what your home could sell for or interested in looking at the homes currently for sale give me a call 949-412-3515 Scott Bingham.

Sept. 18, 2017

Bank Owned Ladera Ranch Homes for Sale

Believe it or not there are still bank owned homes still coming on the market for sale in Ladera Ranch. A bank owned home is a home that's been foreclosed on because the owner has missed mortgage loan payments or stopped payments altogether. The lender/bank then repossesses the home to sell it in order to recoup the money it's lost from the home loan/mortgage. When the real estate market crisis hit in 2008 we started seeing a flood of bank owned home sales which was then followed by short sales. The real estate market in Ladera Ranch and southern California as a whole has completely rebounded since those tough days. Most home owners have equity in their properties again but there is still an occasional bank owned/foreclosure home coming on the market. So far this year there's been 4 bank owned home sale in Ladera Ranch. Currently, there are 2 bank owned homes for sale in Ladera Ranch. Both homes are luxury properties located in the gated community of Covenant Hills. Bank owned homes are an opportunity to buy a nice home for under fair market value.

Aug. 21, 2017

Should You Hire An Agent to Purchase A New Builder Home?

New construction has accounted for 15-20% of the sales so far this year in Orange County. Many buyers are choosing to purchase a new home instead of a re-sale home for numerous reasons. When purchasing a new home buyers get to decide how they want to design the home with upgrades and custom features. When purchasing a new home buyers don't need to worry about termite damage, home inspections, possible repairs, deferred maintenance, and negotiating prices and terms. Most builders also offer warranties for up to 10 years in case anything breaks is needs repair. Not to mention you get to move into a brand new home that's never been lived in.

But did you know that you can have a realtor represent you with the home purchase even though you're purchasing the home directly from the builder? By not having an agent represent you with your purchase, you're making a huge mistake. A buyer's agent is free to any would be buyers and can help guild you through out the purchase. Having a buyers agent is great for double checking all the contracts and reviewing all the documents for accuracy. Most buyers agents also offer a credit against their possible commission to the buyer for working with them. So not only is having a buyers agent free, but it could also save you money on your new home purchase! Agent's are allowed to credit some of their commission to buyer's fees and closing costs during escrow. So that could be a potential savings of thousands of dollars for buyers.

If you would like a buyers agent to help you purchase at a new builder community there are some things you should know. First, don't sign up with the builders online or in person prior to speaking with a buyer's agent. If you already sign up with the builder then that precludes the buyers agent from being eligible for a commission. Which means no rebate for you, the buyer. Every builder has different rules for buyers agents so it's best to contact the agent before previewing any home models or signing up with any new builder newsletters. Contact us today if you're interested in a new development or builder community 949-412-3515 Scott Bingham Realtor.